The Gift of One More Time

We all make mistakes as parents, hindsight is 20/20. Wouldn’t it be lovely to KNOW what we KNOW now….and do it all again. Thank God for his grace.

Red Tent Living

It came about unexpectedly. First one child, then another and finally the last called and said, “I’m going to come over to spend the night too!”

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Christ the Fetus | The Value of Human Flesh

There is an ethical standard that should govern scientific research: the standard of the protection of each human life. The nation wakes up to what many of us have known for a long is a baby and not a blob of tissue.

Incarnation and Modernity

Leon Cogniet, Scène du Massacre des Innocents | 1824, Oil on Canvas, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes: Rennes, France Leon Cogniet, Scène du Massacre des Innocents | 1824, Oil on Canvas, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France


Human flesh has moral value. We see this when friends fall ill and we are saddened by their bodily suffering, when accidents happen and bodily functions are impaired, when we mourn the dead and care for their remains. In each of these instances we are treating the human body, and the proper functioning of its parts according to the dignity it possesses: as having importance, as meaning something, as valuable. We see its suffering, its demise, its lifelessness, as a tragedy.

What happens in the context of abortion, then, is likewise indicative of the moral value of human flesh. Precisely because abortion requires the dismemberment of a body, it also reveals to us the tragic end of a human life. It follows from the reality that human organs are procured for research through abortion, that abortion is not simply a matter of personal choice, or reducible to other euphemistic sound bites, but the gruesome and tragic ending of human lives.

Philosophically we know that human flesh, human organs, belong to human bodies, and that these bodies belong to living persons…

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And then they came for YOU!

This must stop, the “gag orders”, the kidnapping of children for money.

A Miracle for Two Sisters

How many children will be too many before there are either none left, or they come for yours?


Jayden was 6 months old when he was taken by DCS in February 2014, and has been in his “Forever Home” ever since, if DCS gets its way.  How nice for the Foster Family who wants to adopt him.  He is now 1 and 1/2 years old, but they have had him for almost a year.  What a “find” for them, and a $6,000. – $8,000. bonus for DCS in the kids for cash program that inspires DCS to take an average of 32 Arizona children a day, EVERY DAY, out of their homes, and into state custody.  The nagging questions are:  1- how much is each kid worth in Federal Funds to Arizona, 2- how much have taxpayers paid to the adopting parents since this baby was kidnapped from his mother, and 3- how much will taxpayers pay…

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Justice for Paul…. Mom, is going to speak for you “NEVER GIVE UP”

Looks like your son was a Michigan fan. I am so sorry for your loss.


Thank you for coming to my blog, If you are new I beg you to please read my archives story. My main purpose going forward life is to fight for those without a voice, My son Paul Gerard Victorian Jr was taken away from me by unethical pharmaceutical companies greed, that only care about money, profits,. My son was given a medication that was NEVER FDA approved for his disability, the doctor who gave this to him and abandoned his care was never held responsible for my son’s death. Then the coroners office lied on my son’s two part death certificate and created illness that were not true, and nobody have righted this wrong, The coroners office signed vital record full of lies and nobody will help me. I am angry, hurt and mad…….My son trusted his parents, and we trusted a doctor who only cared about profits, it was…

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A Daddy’s Love

My daughter wrote this 2 years ago, I wanted to share.

Pocket Full of Memories

Daddy and I playing when I was 2

When I was just two I sat on your knee

At the Biggest Stadium that was ever meant to Be

I watched as you preached for hours on end

To people that didn’t know the truth or at least tried to pretend

All the while, knowing at such a young age

That you’re passion for God would never ever fade.

You played with me for hours until time for bed

Then you’d tuck me in tight and pray after we’d read.

You taught me to sing and how to ride my bike

Remember that time, you hand made my first kite?

You were my Hero

And I was your baby girl

From the very beginning

You were my whole World

As I started to grow up our relationship changed

Your hand still to guide me yet not in the same way

We talked about boys and how to be smart

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Does the Brain Injury Prove Abuse, or Not?

On Shaken Baby

Demonstration at the sentencing in the spring Demonstration at the sentencing

The two shaking convictions in the news this season, ironically, are both based on brain findings, with no bruising, bone injuries, or other signs of assault—at least five years after the experts started saying that they never diagnose shaken baby based on the triad alone. In the widely reported case of Joshua Burns in Michigan, in fact, the diagnosis was based on only two of the three markers, retinal hemorrhages and subdural  hematoma.

BurnsProtestJune Demonstration at CS Mott Children’s Hospital

A commercial airline pilot active in his local church and community, Joshua Burns was convicted of child abuse in December of 2014. Supporters immediately launched a web site and media campaign protesting his innocence, and now the Michigan Innocence Clinic is appealing his conviction.  Naomi Burns, now 18 months old, seems to have recovered fully. Her mother Brenda Burns has regained custody, but Joshua has been denied any contact with his daughter since April of 2014.

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Senator Brownsberger LISTENED!!!

A Miracle for US

BrowsburgerYesterday, the parents of Baby Bella met with Senator Brownsberger, Co-Chair of the Judiciary, and Anne Landry, Committee Counsel.  The meeting was the result of a request made at last Thursday’s hearing before the Judiciary Committee where public discussion was heard on very many important bills.

Specifically related to the request for a meeting was to be able to tell the Senator what is going on behind the scenes with the state kidnapping children from loving homes. (Some of these result in forced adoptions where the parents never see their children again).

All bills related to children and families/DCF’s taking of children were the impetus for attending, none the least of which were JUSTINA’s LAW, and a law that would prevent children from being removed from parents due to a disability, (which is discrimination protected under the ADA, but happens never the less, and with all too much frequency).  CONFIRMED! “very…

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