State Sanctioned Kidnappings under Review

Been following all the stories on Medical Kidnapping and the corrupt foster care system since the Pelletier case.

A Miracle for US

lyonsThere are untold stories of the agony suffered by both the children and families where child protective service agencies have taken the children in State Sanctioned Kidnappings.  The most renown of these cases is Justina Pelletier, medically kidnapped from Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH), and made a ward of the state of Massachusetts, even though she was from Connecticut.  At the very same time that crowds rallied in front of the MA State House, (above) to FREE Justina, BCH was making baby Bella another victim of medical kidnapping, even though she was from Alabama:  Another Boston Children’s Hospital Kidnapping – Part Ib2

On the same day that Fox 25 aired the story of the federal government “ordering” the MA Department of Children and Families, (DCF), to return a child to her mother, MA State Representative Jim Lyons made the following announcement on his facebook page:

Last year Rep Marc…

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