Market Reports for June 2007 Washtenaw County

Wow, for 2 straight months now, the amount of homes listed in Washtenaw County, including Ann Arbor, MI has declined. That is great news. The Pfizer homes that are listed are selling first. Why? As I have posted for months now, they had the benefit of a “loss on sale” clause. So those sellers could price their homes the lowest in the subdivision and those homes are selling the fastest.

Case in point, I closed on a home purchased my Pfizer employees for 512,000 in Sept 2006, and my buyers were able to get the home for 425,000.

The average list price for July, for all the homes in Washtenaw County was $270,870, up 1% from July of 2006. This includes data for Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan, Whitmore Lake and Ypsilanti, MI. More great news !!

 Washtenaw County Average List Price

The average sales price for homes in Washtenaw County was $264,404. in July. That is up over 1.5% compared to July 2006. More great news !!

Washtenaw county average sale price

This last chart is the number of listings to sales. We added another 2.95 months to the inventory. However, at this point this data does not weed out the re-listings for a new MLS number or the sellers changing agents.

WAshtenaw County Listing vs Sales Report for July

So although not a glowing report, an improving report. I’ve got my fingers crossed. We can not control the market, but we can and must work in it.

Market data compiled from the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors data, and the hard work of Big House Data, LLC.

To search for all homes in Washtenaw County, this is the best site. NOW is a great time to buy, who knows with the fallout our of sub-prime lending and stated loans what is going to happen. So take advantage of the current market conditions.


About missycaulk

As a transplanted Southerner, I have lived and raised five children in the Ann Arbor area for the past 37 years. I know that this is a truly great place to live. This blog is about Ann Arbor and the surrounding area's real estate. It is only my opinion.
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7 Responses to Market Reports for June 2007 Washtenaw County

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  2. TedR says:

    Totally agree. It’s always a good time to buy. I hear people complain about affordability but real estate has never gone down before so if they have to stretch a bit with a neg-am loan it no big deal. Better to get in now before houses are really expensive in five years. The fact that we have record foreclosures doesn’t really matter because the unemployment rate is low.

    As my broker says, just refinance or sell the thing for a profit is the worst that can happen. I could probably sell all of my condos at a huge profit that I bought last year despite all of the doom and gloomers predictions. Plus the NAR economists are predicting a huge rebound for next year.


  3. Missy sounds like things may be looking up.


  4. Missy, these graphs are great! It is nice to see that the real estate market in Ann Arbor seems to be holding its own at least!


  5. Teri Eckholm says:

    Good information on homes for sale in Washtenaw County…Love the charts!!


  6. I have to disagree with TedR. I suspect it was not written seriously, but I don’t go along with his thinking,


  7. Necyaleda says:

    Follow these guidelines and you will build that new home with little, or no, problems. kitchen sink can help…


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