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Google Alerts Stay Informed

 This post is inspired by Jeff Turners post on Like A Dark Cloud, When Comments Get Ugly and Personal. That post has been rumbling around in my mind all day. So I was thinking………..

I use Google Alerts to keep up with what is being said About Ann Arbor Real Estate, Saline Real Estate, Missy Caulk, Blogs about Ann Arbor and other topics on the World Wide Web I want to be aware of.

Here is how it works:

1) Go to Google and sign up for an account if you don’t have one.

2) You will have a menu of The Services you can subscribe to. For instance: Google analytics, Google calendar,   Google base, Google adwords,   Gmail,   and Google alerts to name a few.

3) Click on the Alerts logo and start to add anyting on the web you want to be alerted to, especially do your own name so you can see when anyone mentions you. The alert will come straight into your email.

In this exponential growth in blogging, it is good to see when you are mentioned or the cities we work in are mentioned.

Here is an example of a few of the Alerts I have received:

Tech Savy Realtors
By Missy Caulk GRI, e-PRO (RE/MAX Platinum)(Missy Caulk GRI, e-PRO (RE/MAX Platinum))
I was walking through Walmart a few years ago and I overheard this girl talking to her mom, in a Southern accent, “I’m gonna get me a real estate license”. You can get it for 240.00″. I died laughing (to myself of course).
Ann Arbor and Saline Michigan… –

Saline Farmers Market Opens Saturday
By Missy(Missy)
A master gardener from Michigan State will also be on hand to answer any questions about gardening. Spend a little time visiting all the merchants in Charming Saline, MI. ann arbor, real estate, university of Michigan, houses for sale,
Ann Arbor and Surrounding Area… –

Even when other people blog about you, it will get picked up.

Ann Arbor Michigan Real Estate Expert
By Thesa Chambers, REALTOR®, Sunriver, OR…(Thesa Chambers, REALTOR®, Sunriver, OR…)
Missy Caulk is the real estate expert for the Ann Arbor, Saline, and Ypsilanti Michigan areas. Missy’s web page actually talks to you. She offers professional services for the buyer and seller alike.
Central Oregon Real Estate Information –

Just about everything I post I get an Alert on ( even Localism ) so I know Google is picking it up. This was a post written by Thesa Chambers of Activerain.

Any listings you post will also be picked up.

ALERT me so I know how it works out for you. I love this feature of Google.


About missycaulk

As a transplanted Southerner, I have lived and raised five children in the Ann Arbor area for the past 37 years. I know that this is a truly great place to live. This blog is about Ann Arbor and the surrounding area's real estate. It is only my opinion.
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3 Responses to Google Alerts

  1. I totally agree, Google alerts are awesome. I suggest to a lot of my blog visitors to use it for local listing searches by using their realtors or other realtors names etc. I might add that it might work better to create alters with “quotes” so they get specific results tailored to their needs as opposed to broad searches returning only one of their desired words.


  2. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


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