Ann Arbor A Good Place to Live and Retire


Ann Arbor A Good Place to Live and Retire

Ann Arbor is ranked # 1 as ” Best Place to Live in Michigan” by 2006

Ann Arbor is ranked # 25 in “Best Place to Live in the U.S”

Ann Arbor ranks in Top 5 Best Places To Retire” by Good Morning America in 2005.

I mainly list homes, my TEAM of 3 Buyer Specialists are experts in the home-buying process and are available to work with you in your time frame. We all have the philosophy that we don’t ” sell” people or homes. We introduce them to homes and if it is a “fit” they will purchase.

In this day and age, anyone can find a home on the internet. It takes a professional to negotiate the contract from start to finish, know the market, hook you up with the right inspectors, repair men, lenders, title companies etc to get the job done as smooth and hassle free as possible.

I like to tell my clients you aren’t paying me to stick a yard sign in, run a ad in the paper and all the 100’s of details needed to sell your home, however; you are paying me to bring you up to the minute knowledge of the housing market, what your homes should be priced at, how long it will take to sell, ( based on comparable sales ) and the networking and technology required to get the job done.

In order to facilitate where the buyers and sellers are, I maintain 4 web sites for maximum exposures. Spending over 2000.00 each month in technology to make sure your house in seen on the web everywhere.

WIIFM ( What’s In It For Me ??) So we ask our clients, ” What is important to you? “What can we do to make this a positive experience for you?” “Is it important to get the right price or to move quickly”?

Most people aren’t that interested in who a realtor is, we all say we’re honest, we all stick our degrees in front of them, we all show them which “Club” we’re in, we all say we’re professional, blah, blah, blah. They just want their house sold in a timely manner and to be given the respect of keeping them in the loop of what is going on, (like feedback after a showing) and if the house isn’t selling (even more feedback).

You would be surprised to hear how many houses, I list after people work with other realtors and the house didn’t sell………. # 1 complaint, “He/She didn’t listen to us, we had no idea what was going on”. Not that the house, didn’t sell, surprised ?

For years I worked with buyers, I really didn’t like listing. Then I hired a coach. They explored that with me. Interesting enough………..I talked to my buyers almost everyday. The listing clients, I didn’t know what to say. It’s pretty hard to make a call, to tell people, well, your house had NOT ONE showing today. Ugh………..negative. Then I came to realize, I just need to call. Didn’t have to be about the house all, they just want to hear from you. They want to hear what is going on around them, in their neighborhood. Are other houses selling.

In another post, I will print my whole marketing plan. “Or how the MissyCaulk TEAM will get your house SOLD”!

P.S. The market in Ann Arbor is not as bad as the media would have you believe. It is a fantastic time to buy a home, rates low and lots to choose from. Our TEAM has been involved in 7 transactions in November.


About missycaulk

As a transplanted Southerner, I have lived and raised five children in the Ann Arbor area for the past 37 years. I know that this is a truly great place to live. This blog is about Ann Arbor and the surrounding area's real estate. It is only my opinion.
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